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TEEN VOLUNTEERS - Applications open May 1, 2022.


Teens: Volunteer this summer as a Teen Advisory Board member, aka "junior Friend" aka "TAB."

Apply now.  There are only a few positions available and once they are full we won't be able to accept any more applications.

TAB is open to teens aged 12-17 who have finished 6th grade.  If you are 18 you may apply to be an ADULT VOLUNTEER.

Apply ONLINE here:


Teen programs will be posted on the library event calendar at


Teen Activities for Middle & High School:
Teen Crafts—Crafting relaxation.
Teen Eats—Cook and eat some snacks.
Teen Art—Learn to paint, draw or just explore art.
Teen Movie—Hang out and watch a movie with friends.


COVID precautions: please do not attend if you are sick.

Download our Monthly Calendar.

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