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Memorial Books

One way to honor a loved one’s memory is through memorial books. Simply make a donation and complete a form then we will take care of the rest. We will obtain the book(s) according to your preferences and a book plate will be placed in the front of the book(s) and a letter to the designated family will be sent notifying them of the donation. 

Memorial Donations are a fitting remembrance of readers.


You may donate to an existing memorial or you may begin a new one.


If you would like to open a new memorial fund either come in to the library or download and fill out the form and mail to the library along with the donation. Please make out checks to the Umatilla Friends of the Library.

Current Memorials:
  • John Westervelt
  • The Guenther Family
  • Mary Ellen Babb
  • William Kicklighter
  • Tommy Powers
  • Jane Scovil
  • Priscilla Getchell
  • Virginia Louise Roundtree Stultz
  • James Richard Stultz
  • Kay Pederson
  • Dixie Royal
  • Robert Martin
  • Yearwood Family
  • Jaycee Lane Garbini

Umatilla Public Library
412 Hatfield Dr.
Umatilla, Fl 32784

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