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Patron Code of Conduct Guidelines

Revised 8/31/2021


COVID-19 Protocols:


  • Maintain social distancing.

  • Wear a mask whenever possible.

  • Do not visit the library if sick.

  • If returning items after quarantine let staff know before they handle the items.



Guideline for Using Library Materials:


  • Please bring your final selections to the Circulation desk for check-out 15 minutes prior to the library closing. The Check-Out system goes offline at the business end of each day.

  • To check out you must have an account and show your library card, know your card number, or have a valid form of ID.

  • The number of books, audio books, and music CDs is unlimited and library items can be checked-out for 3 weeks. These items may be renewed twice unless the item is on hold for another patron. Items on hold may not be renewed.

  • Video games are limited to 1 per card and DVDs are limited to 10 per card. Video games, DVDs and magazines check-out for 1-week. DVDs with many holds may be restricted to a 3-day check-out.

  • Items may be renewed by phone during library hours at (352) 669-3284 or you may renew yourself online at in the catalog.

  • E-books, digital audio books, and streaming video services are also available to download for 3 weeks. Electronic downloads may be renewed one time and the renewal must be done online.

  • When checking-out, you will be given a receipt listing the items you checked-out and their due dates. If you want a full list of items checked-out ask for a print-out or use our online catalog to view your account. It is the responsibility of the patron to keep track of when items are due and return their library items on time.

  • Library items must be returned to the designated book return inside the library or to the proper 24-hour outside return slot located up the ramp on the East side of the library.

  • Library items may be returned to any member or branch library of the Lake County Library System.

  • Late fines are as follows: All video games are $1 per day. All other items are 10¢ per day. If the items are kept several weeks past their due date, and you have not contacted the library about these late items, the Lake County Library System will mark them as “LOST”. You will be billed the purchase price, a processing fee, and a fine. 

  • We cannot waive fines as a general rule. We cannot waive another library’s fines.

  • Library accounts are automatically blocked once the fines reach $10 on the account.  To use the library card for check-out the fines need to be paid below $10.

  • R-Rated items cannot be checked-out on cards of patrons who are 16 years of age or younger.

  • A child's card cannot be issued if a parent’s card has $25 or more in unpaid fines. 

  • The first two library cards are free, after that, the card replacement cost is $2 per card.

  • A courier service is available among 15 member and branch libraries. Items may be placed on hold and the courier will bring them to the library of your choice.  The items must be checked-out 5 days after notification or they will be returned to the owning library.

  • Email and text messaging notifications for holds, items due and overdue is available automatically through the computer catalog system.  If you are not receiving notification ask us to update your account.

  • The Computer Catalog lists all materials in member and branch libraries. Reserves/holds and renewals may be made from any Computer catalog computer in any library or on your own device at

  • Books-By-Mail is available for home-bound patrons. Applications are available at

  • Please report any damaged items to the library staff immediately.



Patron Guidelines for Computer Use:


  • To use a library computer choose a computer at which to sit, type in your barcode (no spaces) and PIN in the appropriate fields, read the Internet Use Policy and click the Accept button if you agree. This will take you to the desktop where you double-click the browser or application of your choice.

  • All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office, internet browsers, and the option to print.

  • Computers erase all data when logged off, a session is ended, or when powered off. Bring a thumb drive to save your data or save it to your personal cloud.

  • Computers automatically shut down 10 minutes prior to closing. Please be sure to externally save and/or print any necessary work before the computers shut down.

  • Your library card allows you access to the computers for four sessions of up to a total of four hours a day.

  • If you don't have a library card, or have used all your sessions, guest passes are available at the circulation desk for computer use in half-hour sessions. Four-hour long computer passes may be available for tasks requiring extra time. 

  • If you need help at the computer please ask staff at the circulation desk. Help will be provided based on staff availability.

  • You may use Wi-Fi for free on your own device.  There is not a password.



The Umatilla Public Library prohibits the following at the library:

  • Children aged 7 and under need to be accompanied by an adult caregiver.

  • Minors need to be accompanied by an adult caregiver if using the library grounds during when the library is closed.

  • Foul and/or abusive language

  • Disruptive, unsafe or threatening behavior, including harassment of Library personnel and customers

  • Harassment of others or creating any disturbance that interferes with the normal operations of the library

  • Loitering, panhandling, solicitation, campaigning or petitioning unless prior permission has been given by the Library, selling merchandise/services on property unless sponsored by the library

  • Abusive use of library facilities or equipment

  • Vaping, Smoking, Use of alcohol and illicit substances

  • Food and beverages in non-designated areas

  • Screaming, yelling, loud talking or extremely loud laughing and boisterous behavior, rough housing and/or running, fighting

  • Please take crying babies outside to calm down

  • Playing in the parking lot

  • Skateboarding

  • Loudly talking on cell phones or in virtual meeting (i.e. Zoom calls)

  • No shoes and/or shirt

  • Animals except those approved as working companion animals or for the purposes
    of Library approved programs

  • F.S.S 806.13       Criminal Mischief

  • F.S.S. 877.03      Disorderly Conduct

  • F.S.S 870.01       Affray (noisy quarreling or brawling)

  • F.S.S. 877.03     Inebriation of drugs or alcohol



These guidelines apply to all areas of the library. When deemed necessary, all library privileges will be suspended for one week. Individuals failing to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the library facility and property. The appropriate law enforcement agency will be called by library staff if necessary. Failure to follow these rules may result in you being trespassed from the library. We appreciate your cooperation so that the library may be an enjoyable and safe place for everyone.

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