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Umatilla City-Wide Yard Sale

The 22nd Annual Event will be March 4, 2023.  


Applications will be accepted beginning February 1, 2023. 

Vendor spaces at the library will be available to rent for a $15 donation. 

Application for Rental Space will be accepted from 2/1/23—3/1/23.  Deadline is Wed., 3/1/23 by 5 pm.   

Benefitting the Umatilla Public Library & the Friends of the Library.  You keep the profits from your sale.

Vendors: Need a space to sell? Outdoor space at the library available for rental.  It’s your choice.
DONATE a mere $15 to the Library *OR* pay $25 (plus $1.75 sales tax—total $26.75) to the City of Umatilla.

Numbered spaces assigned (see vendor map).

· NO VENDOR PARKING IN SPACES OR LIBRARY PARKING LOT.  Barricades will block traffic and flow for customer safety.

· For public safety all vendor spaces are closed to vehicle loading and unloading between 8 am and 2 pm.

· Vendor parking on grassy medians along N. Trowell Ave. 

· Friends Book Sale & Yard Sale Hours are  8 AM—2 PM.  Bathrooms available inside the library during book sale.

· Bring your own table/chair/tent/water/snacks.

· Setup begins 6 AM.  Teardown no earlier than 1:30 PM.  Cleanup begins at 2 PM.

· City staff and volunteers, garbage bins, traffic cones, barricades and library bathrooms will no longer be available after 2 PM.

· Sales of weapons, medications, illegal drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and similarly regulated merchandise are not permitted.


Yard Sale Permits for $10 donation:

$10 donation purchases 1-day City of Umatilla yard sale permit and guaranteed listing of your site address on the digital map.  Printed map borders are limited to the City of Umatilla and the immediate surrounding area. Printed maps available Fri., 3/3/23 at the library for a donation (to offset printing costs). All donations benefit the library. Applications accepted from 2/1/23— Wednesday, 3/1/23 by 5 pm.

Applications will be accepted beginning February 1, 2023. 


For more information contact the library. 

The Umatilla Public Library will host the 22nd Annual City Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, March 4, 2023 from 8 am – 2 pm.


There will be residential yard sales throughout the city as well as on the library grounds, located at 412 Hatfield Dr., Umatilla, FL 32784.

Printed maps will be available for a donation at the library, prior to the sale.   


The Friends of the Library will host their annual used book sale inside the library.

All proceeds benefit the Umatilla Public Library.

Umatilla Public Library
412 Hatfield Dr.
Umatilla, Fl 32784

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